Benefits of a Licensed Leader

You’ll be working for yourself doing something you love, below are some of the benefits you can achieve from being a licensed leader.

Rewarding, seeing your business grow and the positive impact this is having on your clients as they grow and develop. It’s great to see the shy girl, who first came to your class blossom into a soloists. You’ll be changing peoples lives, giving them their voices back or finding their voices for the very first time. As you watch your students grow you will feel proud and it provides a valuable service to the local community, through education, inclusion and social contact

Creativity, not many businesses allow and inspire your creativity, you are in control of what you create and the list is endless as to events, shows, and classes you can create. Introducing your members to a new style of music.

Lifestyle, doing something that fits around your commitments and lifestyle, where you are in control.

Network, Use our network of licensed leaders, for collaboration you’re not alone, and joining together with other leaders we can create something great.

Develop, gaining new skills can be costly, through our programme we can collaborate to share skills and develop in areas such as conducting, musical theory, learning a new instrument. As a leader you’ll have to opportunity to share your specialist skills with other leaders and gain new skills. We also offer a range of additional low cost courses.

Flexible, you set your own hours, you chose where you work, you can teach as many sessions as you like. There are no minimums or maximums, plan sessions around your own commitments and to fit your lifestyle.

Affordable, Very low start up costs, which can be spread over your first year as a leader, You should be able to reclaim your start up costs within one term of teaching.

Support, we provide you with on-going support.

Advertising, You’ll be able to advertise on our website, and take part in our nationwide advertising scheme as well as benefit from our advice on how to advertise locally.

It’s a really fun and rewarding job all our sessions are all about having Fun and this is one job where you really can have fun at work.