Is this a Franchise?

No, this is a licensing opportunity, which is similar to a franchise however,  you will find it does not have the large up front costs often associated with a franchise and does not require you to commit as much time as you would with a franchise. As with this opportunity you can commit as little as two hours per week.

How do I get clients?

We do not have specific clients waiting in specific areas,  we do however have lots of tried and tested techniques we can share with you to help you get on your way. your mentor will work with you to ensure you can set up your classes to be successful.

How do I find the venues?
After your training you will work with your mentor to find suitable venues to hold your sessions.

I don’t drive is this a problem?
This is not always a problem, you’ll know your area best, if there are good public transport links, you may not need a car. You may be able to store equipment at the hall or teach with minimal equipment.

I can’t play an instrument?
You do not need to play an instrument, we run additional courses so if your skills are lacking in a certain area there is opportunity to improve. You teach the classes so as long as you can teach without use of an instrument this is not a required skill.

I have no business experience?
This is where we come in, your training course will give you all you need to start and teach your first class. everything you need to think about will be covered. Following on from that your mentor will be there to help and guide you when you need them.

I’ve got lots of other commitments, how much time do I need to commit?
That’s the great thing about this programme, you can commit as little as two hours a week and still make a great income from it. You can fit this along a full or part time job, around childcare or commitments as a singer. You should however view this as a long term commitment as you will be investing time and money into it. You’ll also have the option of swapping your sessions if you can’t teach with our network of other leaders.

Where is the training Held and how often are courses held?
Our leaders come from all over the country, the training is completed with an online course and individual Skype sessions so we can tailor the course to your own individual needs. You can complete the course in your own time.

How much does a Singability session cost?
We charge £4 per person per hour regardless of the type of class you are teaching. So with 20 people in your class for one hour you’ll turnover £80 per hour.

What Can I expect to earn?
We expect most leaders to recoup their initial fees within the first term of teaching, some do it on the first day. Once you’ve covered your start up costs you can expect to earn a minimum of £30 per hour profit, there is potential to earn much more than this.

What if I don’t get 20 people in my class and can I loose money?
We can’t guarantee you’ll get clients to your class, but if you follow our advise on locations and advertising we expect you to have a successful class. Sometimes it does take longer to build up clients, we don’t want you to be out of pocket and in these cases we will work with you to help you build up clients and will wavier the on-going licensing fees until you are in a position to pay them.

Can I teach privately?
You are welcome to continue any private tuition, which you source from your own marketing, however if you wish to join the option of teaching privately to Singability clients, you need to sign up to our private tuition scheme, this costs an additional £5 per month and includes a listing in our private tuition area on the website. You only need to pay this fee if you have private clients from our group, or sourced from our marketing.