Licensing fee

The Licensing fee is made up of one affordable initial payment followed by regular monthly licence payments.

Although there is an initial financial outlay, you can easily recoup these  expenses within your first term of teaching, even if you decide to teach only a couple of classes a week.

The initial  licensing fee can be spread out over 12 months, to make it more affordable for you.

The on-going payment is a set fee paid per month. There is a sliding scale,  depending on how many classes you teach will depend on what you pay. The fee is not based on your profits, but on an average of 20 students per class, and teaching for 36 weeks of the year. This means the harder you work and the more students you get the more money you make.

If you are not teaching classes you do not have to pay the fee. There is no tie into the fee, When you stop teaching you stop paying.

Download our fee sheet and we will email you the fee details. If you have any further questions please contact us at